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Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE)

Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE), DFID, 2013-2017.


As part of the VakaYiko Consortium, ZeipNET co-designed and implemented the Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) Project. The consortium, led by the International Network for Advancing Science in Policy (INASP) was implemented in four countries (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Ghana) and aimed to strengthen the use of evidence in policy making by building capacity at individual, institutional and systemic levels. In doing so, the consortium identified the most effective approaches to meet different evidence needs. ZeipNET partnered with the Parliament of Zimbabwe (PoZ), Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Youth, Art, Sports and Recreation. The project was designed as a multi-tier programme combining different approaches – including training, mentoring, and technical support to develop evidence synthesis platforms and guidelines, learning exchanges and policy dialogues. On the same project, ZeipNET collaborated with INASP to develop an Evidence Informed Policy Making Training Toolkit that was used for the training of policymakers.

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