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Our Work 

Our Approach

Influencing decisions and policy-makers

We support government ministries, parliament and other public institutions to improve the use of research and other types of evidence to inform policy and other decision-making. We also engage leaders across sectors to break down silos, foster meaningful connections, and develop unique synergies towards sustainable development.

Stakeholder engagement

We convene a wide array of stakeholder engagement activities to promote best practices and strengthen networks to co-create and synthesise evidence. This will ensure that evidence is put at the centre of all policy-making, inform development initiatives and  meet people at the point of their need.


Our training is an integral part of our holistic approach to addressing institutional capacity gaps. Our training is aimed at empowering individuals - linking personal performance to team performance and overall organisational objectives. We change attitudes and behaviours, impart knowledge and develop skills whilst maximising the benefits of participation, knowledge exchange and ownership.



We provide advisories on all levels of organisational adaptive capacity to use evidence in policy-making.


Distilling and Availing Research Evidence for Parliament of zimbabwe (dare poz)

eVIDENCE aid covid-19 project

Embedding Rapid reviews in Health Systems Decision-making in zimbabwe (ERAZ)

building capacity to build research evidence (BCURE)

opEN data for agriculture

sySTEMATIC REVIEWS primer course 


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