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Regional engagement in supporting evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM)

The Zimbabwe Evidence Informed Policy Network (ZeipNET) actively participates in regional initiatives, such as the Africa Evidence Network, to support evidence informed decision-making (EIDM). See the following blogs on regional EIDM issues:

1. Transformative Action Learning in Navigating the Evidence to Policy Landscape: Lessons from the Ten Years:

2. Using the Evidence EcoSpace to Position Ourselves and Build the Africa We Want:

3. 3R of Evidence-Informed Decision-Making: Reflection, Repurposing and Repositioning:

4. Back to the Roots: Enhancing Mutual Learning and Innovation in Evidence-Informed Decision Making Using Storytelling:

About the author: Ronald Munatsi is the Director of the Zimbabwe Evidence Informed Policy Network (ZeipNET). ZeipNET works to interface evidence and policy through evidence synthesis initiatives, including institutional capacity building focusing on the interface between research and policy with an emphasis on strengthening capacities across individual, institutional and systemic levels. Disclaimer: The views expressed in published blog posts, as well as any errors or omissions, are the sole responsibility of the author/s and do not represent the views of ZeipNET, its secretariat, its trustees, its partners, or its funders; nor does it imply endorsement by the afore-mentioned parties.

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